Hello, I’m MD Eftekharul Islam (Shimul) and this is my Story.

In 2023, I currently turn 23 years old. My Birthday is 21 December 1999 & born in Arjunpur, Koyra, Khulna. As a 90’s century kind, I enjoy my childhood. On this page, I describe myself, so you guys can understand How I came to this place.

MD Eftekharul Islam

2000 - 2005 The best time of my Life

This five years is the best time of my entire life. As a kind, I always enjoy those times with my family. I am the most careful parent on this planet earth. Thanks, Allah, for giving me this kind of parents in my life & I’m very grateful to have my world’s best parents. 

In my childhood, I had lots of friends. I miss those times. 

After 2005, my best time is gone. As a Bangladeshi boy, I need to go to primary school.

2006 - 2011 One of the worst time period

In 2006, I started to go to School & I made lots of friends. Since I wrote my biography, I’ve had around 5 to 10 childhood friends from my school. 

My teacher and family tortured me to improve my handwriting during those times. But now I don’t need to write with a pen 😀.

My School results were good on my time. I always take first or second place in my school. In 2006, I took my first board exam and got a GPA of 5:00 on the exam (PSC).

2012 - 2017 My life start to turn This time

In 2012, I started to go to High School. High school time is my second best after my Childhood. I had many friends then, such as Milton, Tufan, Sayed, Foysal, Sobuj, Mofijul and lots. But Milton & Tufan is my always favourite. 

In 2013, when I turned 13 years old, I fell in love with my Classmates. I don’t want to write the F**king girl’s name. For her, my track changed from education. I always think about her all the time. For her, I miss a GPA of 5 on my JSC exam. 

For this reason, my father transfers me to another school ☹️. But after three months of this school, I decided to return to my previous school; I think you guys know why I changed my school 😅. As a girl, many downfalls came to my life & I got the worst results in my SSC exam. 

In the time when I write my biography, I am thankful to the F**king girl. For cheater girl, now I’m here, you read my biography. 

If the girl doesn’t come into my life, I’m sure I do a 9 AM to 10 PM job.

2017 - 2022 My life start to turn This time

For my bad results on the SSC exam, I didn’t get a chance at a good college for my studies. After two months of staying on a waiting list, I get a chance to attend a College in a village area. 

In College life, I also have a few college friends. When I entered college life & turned 17, then, I was serious with my life. Then I met my college friend, whose name is Hasib & Who is a freelance worker at Fiveer. From Hasib, I know about Freelancing, Blogging, website, graphic design and more. 

Then I started to research how I can earn money online. 

In 2017, I made my first website, but I didn’t know a lot about websites. For this reason, My first blog failed. 

In 2018, I launched my second blog; at that time, I was still learning about how to improve my skills in Website design, Content writing, SEO, Off Page SEO, and more. 

In 2019, I started one of the successful full blog websites WPLecture.com. But previously, I started this blog on another domain. But in 2022, I migrated the website to a different domain name (wplecuture.com). WPLecture is the unicorn from all of the websites. 

In November 2022, most companies sold the services for the highest price. If I provide a few bucks discount to my audience, then It will be great for my visitors. For This reason, I start my deals and discount blog for my visitors. You can get a big discount when you start your first online business. Coupon For Host is a deals and discount website with various hosting deals for all web hosting companies.

In 2023: Start to Build My Personal Brand

After all of those, in May 2023, I started this website with my name. This website is going to be a brand within two years.

Thank You For Being Here

This is my story & Thaks you for coming to this place. I always appreciate your valuable time. 

In this blog, I always help you stand in your place. And I will teach you how you can start your first online journey. & start to make passive income online. 

I always update this page.



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