How to Make Money on Temu

Temu is one of the most popular E-Commerce platforms with more than 400M+ monthly visitors. Because of this huge popularity, Temu has a lot of ways to earn money through its platform.

Maybe you know Temu as an E-commerce platform, but Temu has a huge potential to make money online.

Temu offers multiple ways to earn money on its platform, Today we’ll talk about How to Make Money on Temu.

What Is Temu

Temu is a global e-commerce platform that connects buyers and sellers from all over the world. It is renowned for its wide range of products, spanning multiple categories, offering something for everyone.

Temu is not only for shopping; it also provides ample opportunities for individuals to earn money. From selling products to participating in affiliate marketing, Temu provides various avenues for income generation.

The platform fosters a diverse community of buyers, sellers, and advertisers, creating a dynamic and vibrant marketplace. It’s a platform that brings together the convenience of online shopping with the economic opportunities of an open marketplace.

Finally, Temu offers a user-friendly interface, making buying, selling, and earning on its platform a seamless experience. It’s this attention to user experience that’s helped Temu become one of the leading e-commerce platforms globally.

How to Make Money on Temu

Temu has a lot of opportunities to earn money online through its platform. Here are some of the best ways to earn money through Temu:

Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing is the most trending way to earn money online, and Temu offers its affiliate program. You can join the Temu affiliate program to earn money by promoting products from the platform.

All you need to do is sign up for the affiliate program and then you’ll get a unique affiliate link and a Coupon code. If a user buys something on Temu by using your link or coupon code, you’ll get a commission.

Temu offers up to 20% of the total amount commission on every successful sale through the affiliate link or coupon code. They also offer $3 for every new download of their app through your referral link.

Those make Temu the best way to earn money from affiliate marketing in 2024.

Why You Join the Temu Affiliate Program

There are several reasons, why you should go with the Temu affiliates program:

  • Millions in commission: Temu offers millions of dollars in commission to its affiliates every year.
  • Anyone can join: Unlike other platforms, Temu’s affiliate program is open for all without restrictions and charges.
  • Easy to earn: With a wide range of products and services, there’s something for everyone to promote on Temu.
  • Trusted brand: Temu is a well-known and trusted brand, making it easier for affiliates to promote its products.
  • High conversion rate: With millions of visitors every month, Temu has a high conversion rate, increasing the chances of earning commissions.

Influencer Program

Temu Influencer

If you’re an influencer, then you Temu influencer program can be the best way for you to earn money online. The influencer program works similarly to the affiliate program, but it targets a specific audience- your followers.

Influencers can promote products on their social media platforms and earn a commission for every successful sale through their unique Temu link or coupon code.

When your influencer account is approved you’ll get $300 in balance, $1000 balance monthly by sharing your content, $500 cash monthly by sharing your content, and get an opportunity to make up to $100,000 in every single month.

You can say that Temu is the highest-paying platform for influencers.

Why You Join the Temu Influencer Program

  • Free products: As an influencer, you’ll receive free products from Temu to promote, making it easier for you to create content.
  • Exclusive discount: Temu provides up to 30% discount for your referral customer, increasing the chances for a successful sale.
  • Affiliate cash: Similar to the affiliate program, Temu offers a commission for every successful sale through your link or coupon code.
  • Trusted brand: As a well-known and trusted brand, Temu’s products are easy to promote, increasing the chances of earning commissions.
  • Growth opportunities: With high monthly earnings and the potential for making up to $100,000 every month, Temu’s influencer program offers endless growth opportunities.

Sell Your Products on Temu

Selling your products on Temu is another lucrative method to earn money. As a seller, you can list your products on the platform and reach out to millions of buyers worldwide.

The process is straightforward; simply create your seller account, list your products and start selling. Temu handles the payment and delivery logistics, giving you more time to focus on your business.

The platform also provides analytics tools to track your sales and customer behaviour. These insights can help you optimize your listings and boost your sales.

Joining Temu as a seller offers exposure to a global customer base, potentially boosting your business and income. With its user-friendly interface, global reach, and secure payment system, Temu provides an excellent platform for sellers.

Free Spin

Free Spin

Free Spin is an exciting feature on Temu that offers users an opportunity to win prizes. It is a game of luck that anyone can participate in and potentially earn rewards.

The Free Spin operates simply; users spin a virtual wheel and stand a chance to win various prizes. The prizes range from discounts and cash rewards to products or free shipping for purchases made on the platform.

To participate, users must have a registered account on Temu. Spinning opportunities may be given as daily rewards, or earned through activities on the platform.

Free Spin not only offers a chance to win but also adds to the overall fun user experience on Temu. It’s an innovative way to engage users while rewarding their loyalty and activity.


Dropshipping is an innovative business model that allows you to sell products without holding an inventory. It essentially involves a third-party supplier fulfilling orders on your behalf.

When a customer places an order on your online store, you forward the order details to your supplier. The supplier then ships the goods directly to the customer.

This model reduces the financial risk for you as a retailer since you don’t need to purchase an inventory upfront. You only purchase a product when a customer places an order.

Moreover, a lot of sellers in Temu allow Dropshipping business models, you can use your E-commerce dropshipping website, by using products from Temu.

Temu’s global reach, secure payment system, and reliable delivery make it an ideal platform for dropshipping businesses. It is a great way to start your online store with minimal investment and risk.

How To Promote Temu Affiliates Product

In 2024, hundreds of different ways are available to promote your affiliate’s product through social media. Let’s take a quick look, at how you can promote your Temu affiliate product to earn money online:



Pinterest is the best trading platform for huge organic traffic. Create boards with different titles, and then post pictures of your affiliate products on those boards.

You can share your affiliate’s product by making a Pin ( Pin called the post on Pinterest), then make sure, you’re using the best Title, Description, and Keyword, and don’t forget to use your affiliate link.

Optimize the description of your Pin with SEO keywords to increase visibility. Utilize relevant hashtags related to your product to reach a wider audience.



On Instagram, you can create posts or stories showcasing the Temu products you’re promoting. Use high-quality images, and catchy captions and don’t forget to mention your affiliate link in your bio or swipe-up link for stories.

Collaborating with other influencers within your niche is also an effective way to reach a broader audience and increase your chances of earning commissions.



Creating a YouTube video reviewing Temu products is another effective way to promote your affiliate links. You can showcase the product, its features, and benefits in the video while including your affiliate link in the description box.

Collaborating with other YouTube influencers or featuring Temu products in haul videos is also a great way to reach a wider audience and increase your earnings.



Blogging is an excellent platform for promoting affiliate products. You can write reviews, and listicles, or even include Temu products in gift guides on your blog. Make sure to include your affiliate links within the content and optimize them with relevant keywords for SEO purposes.

Promoting Temu’s influencer program, dropshipping options, and Free Spin feature on your blog can also attract potential customers and increase your affiliate sales.



TikTok is a rapidly growing platform that offers unique opportunities for promoting affiliate products. You can create short and engaging videos showcasing Temu products while adding your affiliate link in the video description.

Collaborating with other TikTok influencers or utilizing trending hashtags related to your niche can help increase your reach and potential commissions.


Affiliate programs, and their Influencer Program are the best way to earn money from Temu. This two-sided model benefits both the platform and its users, providing a win-win situation for everyone involved.

By joining Temu’s affiliates and their influencer program, you have the opportunity to earn passive income while promoting products from a reliable and user-friendly platform.

In 2024, it’s easy to promote all kinds of affiliates and earn money online, thanks to various social media platforms. By using social media platforms, you can reach a wider audience and increase your chances of success as an affiliate for Temu.

If you’re an influencer with a good amount of followers, then Temu’s influencer program is perfect for you. It offers exciting opportunities, like free products, exclusive discounts, and potential collaborations with other brands.

So what are you waiting for? Join Temu’s affiliates and influencer programs today to start earning money while boosting your business and income!

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